KOVAS Swim is a custom based swimwear brand based in Brooklyn, NY created by artist Katie Kovas that combines fine tailored swimwear with conceptual graphic design. Each suit is based around a unique print created in collaboration with the client. Kovas requests personal photos and videos to draw inspiration from and are then reimagined using techniques like data-moshing and glitch-ing. This use of digital manipulation is symbolic of our societies close relationship with technology and how it can distort our idea of reality. Kovas aims to twist this idea by using a destructive tool and using it for good. Every print in the collection is a one-of-a-kind interpretation of a personal memory or event, making each suit you wear a piece of living history. We also focus on the nature of how our products are made. All of our fabrics come from American textile mills and are printed with dyes that are un-harmful to the environment and you. We are a made to order business which means we do not carry multiple sizes or over produce. This conscience decision to be custom based is a pledge to our customers (and the world) that looking good and feeling good can be achieved in every kind of body. We look forward to working with you!